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Flutter Developer


Job description

- Design and Build sophisticated and highly scalable apps using Flutter.
- Build custom packages in Flutter using the functionalities and APIs already available in native Android and IOS.
- Translate and Build the designs and Wireframes into high quality responsive UI code.
- Explore feasible architectures for implementing new features.
- Resolve any problems existing in the system and suggest and add new features in the complete system.
- Suggest space and time efficient Data Structures.
- Follow the best practices while developing the app and also keeping everything structured and well documented.
- Use CI/CD for smooth deployment.
- Document the project and code efficiently.
- Manage the code and project on Git in order to keep in sync with other team members and managers.
- Ensure security guidelines are always followed while developing the app.
- Consulting with our customer facing representatives about software system design and maintenance.
- Perform time profiling and memory leaks assessment.
- Write tests for the App.

Job requirements

- 3-5 years of professional experience as an app developer.
- Solid experience with commonly used 3rd party libraries and services
- Expert understanding of networking, local data caching and multitasking on Android
- Familiar with Material Design Guidelines
- Hungry for more responsibility and knowledge
- Passion for building robust systems that are engineered to handle failure scenarios, an undying love and attitude for maintaining coding standards
- Has a strong drive for producing quality software and makes sure issues are raised and resolved in a timely manner
- Has good communication and planning skills for preparing towards a release
- Must have previously published apps
- Solid understanding of the full mobile development lifecycle
- Proven experience in both mobile development and API integration
- Experience with third-party libraries and APIs including REST
- Experience with Firebase: Push Notifications, Cloud Messaging, and Analytics
- Solid ability in both written and verbal communication.
- Ability to design apps from scratch.